Harness the potential of property investment

Property investment has proven to be a successful wealth-building strategy for everyday Australians. When you start building up your property portfolio you’re investing in your future. Whether you’re buying, leasing, or selling investment properties, you’re taking another step towards establishing a passive income.

When you take a careful and strategic approach to property investment you can set yourself up for a comfortable retirement. Investment properties can also be a fantastic form of financial support for your children when they are ready to invest in the property market.

What are my options?

To make things simple, there are two ways to invest in real estate. The first scenario is when you are an existing homeowner. You can look at using your equity in your existing home for your deposit. The second scenario is when you don’t have an existing property and you use a cash deposit.

Existing homeowners

Current home buyers have the advantage of experience behind them. This time around you don’t have the advantage of Government initiatives and tax exemptions to help with your deposit. What you do have is an existing asset that can be used to make your next property purchase more affordable.

In some cases, you may be able to use the equity of your existing property to buy your next one. How you’re using your current property can also affect your purchasing power. Are you renting or living in the current property you own? These are the types of questions a Mortgage Broker will ask you when you’re looking to expand your property portfolio.

Using the equity in your current home is one of the most effective ways to save money for your next deposit. Thousands of Australians have taken advantage of this strategy. Talk to a Mortgage Advisor and see what the possibilities are with your currency property. You may be surprised to see just how much equity you can take advantage of to get that next cash deposit.

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    New home buyers

    The task of saving for a cash deposit may seem daunting for many first home buyers. It can take years of hard work and saving. Thankfully there are a number of incentives introduced by the Australian Government to help stimulate the local housing market.

    Incentives like the First Home Buyers Scheme have helped out thousands of Aussies achieve their dream of buying property. There may be tax exemptions too. The conditions of these exemptions and incentives can change over time. So it’s always best to ask a finance specialist like a Mortgage Broker to see what’s currently available.

    Before you approach a Mortgage Broker, ask yourself why you’re buying an investment property in the first place? How will you use this investment in the future? Will you rent it out or are you simply looking to sell as soon as you see the chance to make a profit out of it? You might have the intention of building up your equity. Have a clear goal in mind for what you want out of buying your first investment property. How you intend to use this property in the future can affect your chances of buying today.


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    After comparing dozens of lenders, we provide you with a shortlist of loan options.

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    We prepare your loan application, send it to you for signing, then send through to the lender.

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    Allow up to 2 weeks for the process – though we aim to have this done in a shorter frame of time.

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    Approval for your loan is obtained and loan documents are sent. Your loan will be settled a short time later.

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    You should first get in touch with a mortgage broker before you start looking for and bidding on houses. A mortgage broker will assess your financial situation and evaluate your purchasing power. When you know how much you can spend on a home loan, that’s when you know how much you can bid on for a house. So always get in touch with a mortgage broker before you start house hunting.

    Yes, we can. Our staff can arrange a time and meeting location appropriate for you. We are not limited by standard business hours.

    Our staff are available for appointments 7 days a week. Our aim is to fit around your busy work schedule so there’s no need to arrange for time off work. We can arrange a video call throughout the week, click here to book now.

    We will not charge you a fee for our service. Sprint Finance is paid a commission by the lender you choose. Details of this commission will be fully disclosed to you when you first get in touch with our service. Government and lender fees and charges will apply to your home loan. We will take the time to explain these fees and charges to you in greater detail if you need us to.

    We’ll send you a questionnaire before our first meeting. This information will help us create a plan that aligns to your financial needs. During our first meeting, we’ll go over the basics. We’ll discuss what options are available based on your current financial situation. Reports will be provided that outline current interest rates and repayments for your desired mortgage amount.

    In your initial meeting, we will discuss the various types of home loan products available. We will also explain the entire process from getting pre-approval all the way to the day of your settlement date.

    In most cases, a first home buyer needs to save at least 5% for a home deposit. However, it’s in your best interest to contribute as much as you can now. The higher your deposit is now, the less interest you will have to pay in the long run. You should also consider the fact that when a deposit is less than 20%, stamp duties and lenders mortgage will still apply.

    Depending on the size of your deposit and other factors, you may have to pay lender and government fees. Additional charges may include stamp duty, land transfer registration, loan application fees, and whatever services charges may apply from your Conveyancer.  Talk to us today to find out more.

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